Monday, August 22, 2011

Orange and Lake House Weekend

this weekend we drove three hours to visit my parents at the lake. when little guy spent a week with them in july all he wanted to watch (when it was tv time) was this one pooh bear movie that he called pink pooh bear because the cover was pink. my mom told me that she hid it hoping that we could get him to watch something different. we started with 101 Dalmations. he loved all the puppies. i loved how the dogs called their owners their pets and of course my rolly (he was my fave puppy when i watched it as a kid.....still is) he watched that one two times and then we were able to get him to watch some Peter Pan (another one of my childhood favorites.) he really liked that one too. when i saw that the word was orange i knew that i wanted to get something that happend this weekend while we were at the lake.
yes that is a VHS tape. my parents had a ton of VHS movies and when they got the house at the lake the brought them up here. we happend to have an extra VCR and gave it to them so now we are getting good use out of them. i love it.
more lake pictures below, after the Peter Pan one.
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Honey and Little Miss enjoying dounuts

Little Miss eating a powdered donut...her first one

LC and J

Little Guy chilling on the boat ride....waiting to get in the water


  1. Peter Pan... it also reminde me my childhood! Thank you for this cherish moment!

    Kisses and blessings.

  2. Love the pic of Little Guy-He looks like a little MAN! Peter Pan is a favorite at our house too.