Wednesday, December 16, 2015

when life just seems overwhelming and you wonder if the choices you are making with parenting....
are the correct ones
if they are worth it
if they are making a difference
if your child/children gets it
if they are benefiting from it

when you con't understand the things your child does, because they are so different from what you would have done and a friend reassures you of what may have been going through their head....perspective

when you feel as though all you are doing is for naught and then you get an email from the teacher saying, not only are they still doing well, behavior wise today but they came straight into class this morning and let the teacher know what we discussed last night.
you sigh out all that wonder
you feel the tears well up
you realize that it was all worth it
they get it
it is a process
the process can be beautiful, even in the ugly
it is COMPLETELY worth it

we are not trying to raise just moral children, we are aiming to raise Godly children who love the Lord with all of their hearts and souls. Praying for these children of mine and that they learn to depend on Him and to chase after Him with all of their hearts and souls, even in the difficult times.

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