Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend Recap

Easter weekend started with an egg hunt with Little girls class. it was fun. there was lots of running

on Saturday morning we went to our churches egg hunt. it was a lot of fun with a lot of things going on.

Friends were there and it is always fun to hang with friends
 Little girl got one of the golden eggs for her age group

Golden boy is down and ready to run for those eggs

after a birthday party and a baseball scrimmage we went to another egg hunt  

on Sunday morning the kids came out like usual, following their blue and pink egg trails to their baskets.

after searching through their baskets they both saw the eggs in the back yard and were ready for their Sunday morning egg hunt.

super fast dude

the it was time to get ready and head to Sunday morning worship.

it was a great worship service.
He is Risen!

Happy Easter!

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