Monday, May 02, 2016

Teacher Appreciation

I was looking all over for a cute way for my kids to bring their teacher a Starbucks gift card this week for Teacher Appreciation week and I came across this link at Thrifty NW Mom.
Pinterest has a ton of links to other ways you can do this but this was just happened to be my favorite.

this is the final project!
I just need to have the kids sign their name to the card and we are done.

supplies needed:
bakers twine or regular twine
Starbucks card
coffee sleeve holder
(I just asked the lady at Starbucks if I could grab two, she smiled and said that was fine and thought it would be a cute addition to the card.)
and the printable from Thrifty NW Mom here

this is what one side of the coffee sleeve looked like

this is what the other side of it looked like

I cut the one side off and then it fit on the printable cup better

see, looks like a real Starbucks cup.

you can see that when you cut the coffee sleeve it comes apart

I used some double stick tape to attach the two ends together

then  slid the gift card into the sleeve and taped the sleeve onto the printable card.

They gave me this gift card holder so I decided to tape it to the back of the card with the total amount that is on the gift card. then I wrapped the card in the bakers twine.

fun easy teacher appreciation gift and a quick way for me to get my craft on. thank you Thrifty NW Mom for the great idea and printable.

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