Monday, May 02, 2016

What I learned in April...

1. Working out is hard work and not my favorite thing to do.
I have been working through my pin boards on Pinterest and am realizing that i am not crazy about this whole working out thing. I do enjoy the arm routines that I have done but everything else.....ugh. i can leave it. but i know that i am getting older and i need to stay healthy.
Here are my boards:
Awesome Arms Board
Workouts Board
Lean legs Board and Flat tummy Board

2. The end of the school year is rapidly approaching and I am ready of it, but also, not.
with only 15 and a half days left the race is on to finish out this year strong.

3. Walking with my friend has been one of my things I look forward to each week.
i met her when my son was 2 and i tell people that her daughter was his first friend. they were always so fun to watch play together. we don't attend the same church anymore but i love that we can still connect almost every week over a hour and a half or so of some intense walking and talking. she is a runner but i am thankful that she humors me and chooses to walk with me once a week. i am so blessed by our time together.

4. Watching my son play baseball gets better every game.
check him out here at one of his recent games

5. Hard work pays off.
little girl has been getting better and better at gymnastics every week. her coach was out for two weeks and she has been working on a bunch of different things with her but her cartwheel was one of them. over the two weeks she was off, little girl has gotten surprisingly better at it. she practices more. i think she was afraid of really getting those legs up and over and what would happen but one day she just did it. there was a lot of hooting and hollering on my part. i was pretty excited for her.

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