Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Going back a bit...

Back on day 85, when the electricians finished up, after they left i was going to put out microwave in the microwave cabinet. when i opened the doors i found the back of the cabinet and the plug looked like this. i was shocked. how in the world was this going to get fixed.
i snapped a picture of it and sent it to Mark our cabinet guy, asking him if that was what the cabinet looked like when he installed it (which i knew the answer was probably no but wanted him to see it hoping maybe he could help get it fixed)
our contractor just so happened to come by that day so i showed him.
he also took a picture of  it too. i have no idea if he showed the owner of the electric company but he asked our cabinet guy if he could fix it.
so on Thursday, Day 91 he was at our house when I got off of work. he had put the molding on the lower cabinets (on the floor) and fixed this on the microwave cabinet.
it looks amazing and i was thrilled that he was able to fix it.

we are still waiting on the sink faucet to come in (hopefully today, which is Day 95) and it will be, hopefully installed tomorrow) and the dishwasher has been sitting in the middle of our kitchen since Wednesday.

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