Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Reader

UPDATE: with the encouragement from my hubby Golden Boy decided to take an AR test on this book. HE GOT 100%
we were all so excited and thrilled for him!!!

That is how many pages are in this book that Golden boy chose to read.

I didn't choose it for him.
I didn't ask him to read it.
He chose it ALL on his own and then powered through it.
I am so amazingly proud of him. over the past 10 plus days he has been head deep, head down, intently focused on THIS book. I don't know if he wanted to prove to himself that he could read a 573 page book or just if he just wanted to enjoy the process. Either way i love the joy he is having in actually reading (a true love of mine)

AR this year for him is pretty much over but we have been encouraging him to at least try and take the test on it and to see how he does. regardless of the outcome of the test, i am beyond proud of him for accomplishing the goal of reading a 573 page book.

A goal no one set for him but himself.
He is brave and pretty much amazing.

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