Tuesday, May 02, 2017


not the Chewie you may be thinking about
although there is lots of Star Wars talk in our house so you may think that

the Chewie i am talk about is actually a blanket

this blanket was a gift from a coworker of mine and early on became on of Little girls favorite items.

at some point she started chewing on the edges of it.
i feel like that happened before this picture but this seems to be the first picture i have of her chewing on it.

once the chewing started i was afraid that she was going to destroy it.
but even more than that i knew that i needed to wash it way more and she hated to be with out it.
i was able to find two more at T.J.Maxx or Marshalls (i can't remember which one)
they were the same texture but not the same print.
when she asked for the blanket she was really fine with any of the three as long as there was one clean.
for some reason i can't seem to find photos of her with either of the other two blankets (just the original)

it was probably around this phase that she started calling it Chewie. 
this picture is from September of 2013
This is the last picture that i have come across with her and Chewie. but let it be said that she is 6 and a half and it was just this January that she stopped asking for it.

There were times when we never thought we would break her from chewing on it. We were fine that she wanted to sleep with it but she just refused to stop chewing on it. now, let me say that there was very little that we had to break her from. she never really took a bottle or pacifier. she nursed but pretty much weened herself. it was just this blanket that she was so attached to.

I don't know if it was that our whole routine changed this January after the kitchen flooded and her room flooded and we relocated her bed to Golden boys room but there were times that she asked for Chewie and then there were times that she wouldn't.
i found two of them under the bed and i think the other one was packed away somewhere.
once she was back in her room i washed them and put them up on a shelf in her closet.
she has finally grown out of needing it but i don't want to get rid of them either.

her new love is Beanie Boos

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  1. Oh, I love this. Both big kids have special blankets at our house,too. Annie especially is attached to hers currently. The one of A in her car seat with chewie around her legs looks just like our current phase of life! I love it.