Thursday, May 11, 2017

Struggle and Book launch post 2

life can be such a struggle
family can be such a struggle
kids can be such a struggle
I can be such a struggle

today I am struggling. maybe because it is the end of a long week
maybe because a mini vacation is on the horizon and I am ready to taste it
maybe because I am putting to much on myself
maybe it is because I am huffing about a cancelled appointment we had for my son today
for sure I am not giving myself or the people I love grace

then I sit down to read the book "A Family Shaped by Grace" by Gary Morland
the book launch starts up in just a few days.
I am about half way through
I have already struggled with some of the book and had some good encouragement on it too.
I learned his use today for the word huffing (a word we use to use in reference to my daughter when she was a baby) I didn't realize how much of a huffer I was.
here is something he wrote in our Facebook group today:

"Growth in grace stops the moment I get huffed. I get huffed because I have a peculiar person to live with." O. Chambers

I will leave it just at this quote, because the other stuff he shared is personal to the page, but you get the drift right? "Growing in Grace is growing in un-huffiness."

Man how I needed to read that this morning after the cancelled appointment for Golden boy
and I sure could have read it again this afternoon after the HUGE mommy fail in dealing with my family.

Back to reading the book.......I came across this section that I will share and then the four words that almost brought me to tears:

"You were not made to live a frustrated, disappointed, estranged family life. You were made for love, acceptance, grace, connection, generosity, and forgiveness. You have been specially wired and gifted to cover your specific assignment, your course on the river. Your family is your course on the river. ..........You fit what you were made for. You were made to fit in your unique family for their good, your good and the good of the world influenced by your family now and in generations to come. ............YOU'RE FITTED FOR THIS."

Those four words: "YOU'RE FITTED FOR THIS"

just about brought me to tears. There is so much going on that I can never really convey in blog posts and there are times when I think why and how but to read this, to know that he does not give me more than I am able to handle. He fit me for THIS.
This life.
In Him I am plenty capable.

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