Saturday, May 27, 2017

15 Years

15 years
15 years of adventures
15 years to fun
15 years spent with one of my favorite people

i feel like i say it every year.....i feel like we just got married yesterday but at the same time have spent our whole life together

thankful to go through life with this man
thankful we have had 15 years together and prayers for many, many more

even though as the years go by we find more and more ways we are completely different.............thankful that we are the same were it counts.

I love you!

i have been blogging since 2005 but i guess didn't start anniversary posts until 2008 and still missed a few years
here are my anniversary posts through the years.
i have loved going back and reading what was going on in our lives during these years.
2012 particularly has me laughing.
great memories......even when they can be rotten.

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