Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Day 20: bugs
See that guy
Right there ⬇
We have called him bugs since he was a baby.
Love watching play sports
Reminds me that you can overcome anything 
even more than watching him play tonight his attitude super impressed us
tonight there was melt downs and tears about not wanting to go to the game
the team is not all that great and he just wants to be done
we are teaching him that we are not going to quit on our commitments that we made and also that we are not going to give up on a team just because they are not winning or #1
teaching life lessons here

after leaving the house in tears, he arrived at the field and with the team and turned that attitude around
he got excited and played well
he almost made a touchdown (running lots of yards) 
and he made a tackle (pulled a flag)
he also cheered loud as another team mate made the one touch down for the team
they didn't win, the other team beat them by one touch down but i overheard another boy on the team say, "we made a touch down! maybe there is a chance we will win one game this year after all!"

things young boys are learning now will make them into great men
thankful for this league and the character that it is building in these boys

and just an added picture for your viewing pleasure
the beautiful sunset tonight
simply amazing
Our Artist God is magnificent
Golden boy said, "it should be a painting."
"it is guy, it really is."

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