Thursday, June 29, 2017


it is truly amazing to me how kids can be so much like both their parents
sure there are some kids that are exactly like one parent or another and some that are very much like both or maybe not anything like either parent

my oldest is a crazy mixture of both me and my hubby

when he was little i thought he was just like my husband. he looked like his, his personality was so much like his, it was wild.

he will be 10 in just a few short weeks
i wish i could remember the first time we got a glimpse of his introverted ways, but after hearing how much he resembled (in looks) my hubby and sometime had the same actions, i never considered how much he is like me.

when you see yourself in your kids, the good, the bad and the, eye opening

my favorite blogger, Under the Sycamore posted a picture of her middle son the other day on Instagram and said, "He doesn't mind crowds and is content in solitude. We always tell him he is like a steady river - powerful, yet peaceful. There are days his play looks loud and wild and there are days it looks quiet and calm. Either way, the sky overhead and grass under his feet are his favorite playground."

this reminded me so much of my very own boy. my oldest, my strong steady boy, my loud playful, full of life guy. the one who sometimes retreats to his own to play, create and take a break.

i love seeing the glimpses of both me and by husband in him. God is so amazing, to take two different people and create another completely different person from them. 

just last night after reading that Instagram post it was almost 9:30 and i could hear my Golden Boy moving around in him room (he was supposed to be asleep) i sat in my bed and waited....then i heard his door open. i peeked a look over at the door and he saw me. he came in with a sad face and said that he was having trouble sleeping. i asked him if he was too hot and he said no that the light was too bright and that he couldn't sleep. (i had a lamp on in our room and there was a lamp on in the living room) i told him that we could make that better, so i got up and got him settled into bed. he then said, "i also want someone to lay with me." no problem there sweetie, i know there will be a time all to soon that he doesn't want bedtime songs and snuggles, so i told him that i would get the lights and then come and lay with him for a few minuets. 

as i was laying there all these thoughts about how much he was like me and how much he was like my hubby came pouring in. this not being able to sleep with light on, that is my hubby. it was such a small bit of light. i don't understand it one bit, but my hubby also says i am like a cat and can sleep anywhere. 

i love seeing the personalities and life bloom in both of my kiddos. it is fun watching them grow up and see how God will use their lives.  this is an incredibly scary adventure but i am so grateful that i was chosen to be their mom. even when i don't understand what is going on with them

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