Monday, May 05, 2008


redneck............walking desaster.................unprepared................not really sure what to title my post. all of these things come to mine when i tell you about what happened.

after taking little guy to the doc on thursday and learning the joys of a baby on a nebulizer, busting one of my tires on friday, getting sick and having to go to a walk in clinic on saturday morning, we go to target that evening and on the way there i hear the strain of my little guy and just know that he's pooping. after confirming it i said to my hubby i hope this isn't a blow out because i don't think i have a change of clothes. then as i reach down into his diaper bag i realize that i also don't have wipes. so once we got into target we make a mad dash for the baby isle to buy wipes, then straight to the bathroom to change his butt. as my hubby is lifting him out of his car seat i notice that yep it was a blow out and it's all over his onsie. and yep i was right about not having a change of clothes. i did have some pants but no top. so my hubby heads to the baby clothes to buy a onsie and as i'm going into the bathroom i yell to him nine months(so he knows what size to get.) i successfully change the stinky diaper and hubby still isn't back with the onsie. so........out of the bathroom we go with naked baby in a fresh diaper.

i'm not sure if you have ever given someone the look of disgust for having their kid out in public naked but i have. and today it came back to bite me in the butt. sure enough there was a couple old ladies that were thinking this redneck. get some clothes on that baby. i'm feeling really dumb at this point and as i round the corner to the isle with the baby clothes i come across a lady with her toddler, a little girl, riding in the back of the buggie and she is in pants but no shirt. i stopped and smiled at her and she at me. she said that her little one didn't want to wear a shirt and i explained the my son had a blow out all over is clothes and mommy failed to have a change of clothes in his bad............unprepared. uggggg!

so i finally see my hubby frantically looking for something to buy our son. then he lets me know that he shouldn't have been the one to go and buy clothes for him. at this point i'm thinking how could you not find something i'd put him in pink if is just had some clothes so people would stop staring at me. we finally find the boys table that has onsies for 3.99 picked one out (a cute green striped one, i love stripes and green so things are looking up) go to pay for it and get my baby dressed so that people stop staring at us. it was a crazy experience and i would like to say that i will never be unprepared again but in know that's not true. it will probably happen again.


  1. When he's three and potty-trained you will still leave the house without a change of clothes. And then Murphy will show up and he will have the one accident he hasn't had in six months that require a change of shirt, pants and socks!

    I love being a mom...

  2. Anonymous3:26 PM

    You poor thing! How funny that you ran into another parent in the same situation though! How random.

  3. Too Funny!! Why can't guys seem to find things that are so easy? BTW I vote for the brown.