Monday, May 19, 2008

Great Weekend

my hubby, little guy and i went to visit my sister this past weekend. we were there for a conference that my hubby had to attend but we got some good sister time in and we also got to see some old friends.

on wednesday night we got to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, johnny rays and we visited with godiva girl and her family. it was so great seeing them. it seems like it's been forever since we were all together. her kido's are all grown up and so fun. it was fun catching up. we talked about old times, new things and lost. :)

then on thursday night we met with some friends that we went to college with, at johnny rays. (we really like that place) it was a fave in college too. we got to meet the rest of the weems clan and the newest addition (now 14months) of the jones fam. it was a great time. there were 8 adults and 7 kidos. yes it was crazy but i loved it. we joked that the next time we get together we will hopefully have one more and they may have added another kido to each of their families making four kids for each of them. i hope it's not that long till we see each other again.

we also got another surprise. a couple of weeks before we left we found out that a friend of ours from washington was going to be there for a conference too and that we would get to see him. it was great seeing will and hearing about his little baby girl.

little guy had a great time watching all the kids, playing with aunt lc, scooting all over the place, visiting friends, checking out the sites, and playing with the plugs. the kido is obsessed with wires(like to a phone, lamp, tv) i am constantly having to keep him away from them. i'm waiting for it to click that he realizes that mommy wants him away from them. he also got his first black eye this weekend. (it wasn't from me) it was from one of my friends little girls. she dropped a toy on his face. all accidental but he cried pretty hard. i probably shouldn't really call it a black eye because it wasn't as bad as some black eyes that i have seen. it's more like a bruise right on the outside of his eye.

we had a great time and hope to visit with all our friends again and sooner. it was such a quick weekend. since we went to college in bham we have lots of other friends in the area that we'd love to see. maybe next time. college's need to have reunions.


  1. And now he can say that his first black eye came from a girl!

    Oh, maybe that isn't something to brag about... :)

    We are all jealous that W got to see you all. Sounds like a great weekend.

  2. Anonymous4:21 PM

    What fun! I love catching up with friends, it's so refreshing! Johnny Rays...yum!

  3. I'm glad you had such a great weekend. Wish I could have seen you!