Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

i'm a little late on the mothers day post. we had a good day. my hubby wend out and bought me this book that i really wanted since i've read pretty much everything else by robin gunn and probably have almost all of her books. i was loving it and loving the book. and he (and baby boy) got me a subscription to this magazine. i've looked at it in little guys doctors office and really liked it so i have 10 months worth coming. yeah. it was a good day. every mothers day the chuch that we attend has baby/children dedication so we dedicated little guy. he was so cute. he was just talking away. making all kinds of noises. i have some pics of that but i haven't gotten them on the computer yet so they will be posted later. i also got a cool book from my mom that was 101 ways to be a cool mom. i'm not sure if that's the exact title but it's really neat. we had a relaxing day and ended it with some survivor.


  1. Anonymous2:43 PM

    So jealous...I want to go out and find the book now and read it.

  2. Sounds like a great day! I will have to check that book out.

    Can you believe who won Survivor??? I was rooting for the other one. Oh well.

  3. ~T it's pretty good. you need to get it. you know she is coming out with the next sister chicks books too. i think it's sisterchicks go brit. lookin' good.

    yeah amber, i can't believe that parv one survivor. i was totally thinking that amanda was going to win. james even said something like well amanda you have it in the bag before he tore into parv. oh well. at least she got ozzy. that was cute.

  4. Happy Belated Mother's Day!

    To answer your question about the swirlies on my pics, they are called "brushes" in photoshop. They are basically a digital stamp that you put onto a photo. And clearly, I am way addicted to them. hehe

  5. Sounds like you had a GREAT Mother's Day! I know that the baby dedication must have been very sweet!

  6. Glad you had a good day. BTW the hats are from Columbia.