Saturday, September 06, 2014

A movie review, well maybe not but just thoughts

my husband and I watched this movie together the other night. from the moment it started I was I feel just like Allison and as the movie went on I could relate so much to how she was feeling and what she was going through. I am probably not nearly as germ-aphobic as she is but almost everything else, yeah that can be me. I really enjoyed this movie.

I think there is a lot of pressure on us as moms. and I believe that a lot of it is put on ourselves. it is hard not to though. now that we are in the swing of this mom thing and we are out in public and one of our children (or maybe even both, or quite possibly all three, or more) are pitching a typical kid fit, and we are embarrassed. it's hard to remember when we didn't have those children, or even when we were single, the things that we may or may not have thought about other people whose kids were acting out in public. I will be honest I thought those things like, wow can't they control their child, or what is wrong with them, or man their kids are bad, or mine will never act that way. crazy thing is we can't control our children. they have their own free will. sure we can raise them the way that we want them to be and pray that with God's help and guidance that they grow up to honor and love Him and respect and obey us, but there has to be some consideration for the child's own free will and maybe that mother you saw out in public was doing her very best at the time.

so when I am out and one of my two children act out I think sometime the image that I am seeing, the judgmental image, is just a younger, child-less version of myself. it's hard not too.

so after watching this movie I am clinging to the reminder that I am one of His masterpieces. I don't have to be perfect, have everything perfect or seem perfect. motherhood is hard. but God sees me. He loves me. He walks beside me, carries me,  holds me and loves me. I was made for a purpose.

Mom's out there remember to stand beside other moms. help them out. hold them up. encourage them through out this motherhood journey that you are on together. she is the only other person who understands what you may be going through. we are all in this together and we have a purpose and calling by the One who loves us.

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  1. Our small group girls just watched this on Friday, and we had a lot of laughs and a lot of moments where we felt just like the main character. Those were all good thoughts you wrote. Thanks for sharing!