Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#andycamping2014 part 1

This was our second time camping as a family.
while they were both vastly different.............

1st time                                       2nd time
tent                                              cabin
outside air                                   AC
rushing river                               fan
cooler                                          mini fridge
air mattresses                              beds
bath house                                  our own bathroom

there were still so many things we forgot to bring. somethings that we even remembered the first time but not this time.

one day we will have this camping thing down.

Things from this time around that we wish we remembered
Pam cooking spray
pot holders


tongs (luckily there were these)

more shoes for kids
water shoes for us
one extra change of clothes more(for the kids)
glow sticks
more flashlights
first aid kit
fire tools
it was a really good second camping trip. we had a lot of fun. more pictures to come in a later post about the fun that we had. check out our other trip camping earlier this year here and here.


  1. I need to find out where you guys went the 2nd time around. I'm definitely more of a "cabin and AC" kind of camper! Glad you guys are having these fun times as a family and making memories.

  2. Same place both time blakeley. They have tent sites. Rc sites. Deluex cabins that sleep 4. Deluxe cabins that sleep 6-78th and primitive cabins that sleep four(maybe more if air mattresses were on the floor. It has ac and beds but no bathroom.