Monday, May 19, 2014

Our Camping Adventures Part 2

 Campfire cooking:
see that toilet paper roll?  I saw on pinterest that a good fire starter was to collect the lint from your dryer and stuff it in a toilet paper roll. It may work for some but it did not work for us. in the pin there are 25 other fire starter ideas. maybe we will try another one of those next time we go camping.

 Hot dogs......a camping must. this and smores are about all we cooked. it rained a lot while we were there. this was pretty fun for the kids though. me too.

 another pinterest find and a pretty awesome one at that. I was trying to figure out how to pack less and came across this pin. brilliant! truly! the graham cracker and chocolate already in one cookie (well two in this case) and then your marshmellow. they were awesome. I got a high five from the hubby for this pinterest find too.

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