Friday, May 02, 2014

Fairy Tale Ball

 Last Friday my boy had his Fairy Tale ball at his school. The school sent home a flyer about two weeks before announcing it and to make sure the kids dressed up. That afternoon I asked him what he wanted to be for the fairy tale ball. his very first choice was a dragon. he saw Disney's version of Sleeping Beauty and just loved the dragon.  I couldn't imagine at first how in the world I was going to make that and I didn't want him looking like a toddler in an all in one outfit. I asked him if there was anything else that he would be interested in being. his next thought was one of the three little pigs. my reaction, really, a pig is pink!?!  Later on when I asked him again he said mommy, if you want to know what I want to be then it is a dragon. ok got it. a dragon it is. I got on Pinterest of course and started searching. I came across two tutorials that were extremely helpful in making my sweet boy into a dragon.
the first thing I tackled was the wings and I came across this tutorial to help me out. luckily I had all of the materials that I needed from when he was Robin Hood this past year for Halloween.
 next was the tail.  I found this tutorial on a tail. I wanted the spikes to all be different so I cut the two triangles in big to small sizes and stitched them together and then flipped them inside out. after all of the triangles were made I used some green felt that I had and cut the tail in a triangle shape that was long enough to fit all of the triangles. then I started from the bottom and started sewing the triangles on all the way up. I wasn't sure what I was going to use to tie it on his with but I was at Michael's one day and saw some bungee cord on sale for 70% off. I thought it would work great and it did. I came home and stitched it into a fold of the fabric and tied it on and walla.......his dragon tale. I stuffed the tale with scraps from the triangles and wings and tale and some cotton balls. use what you have laying around right?  since I had everything already this project only cost me the .75 cents that I paid for the bungee cord. of course I don't have a sewing machine so I had to hand stitch it which took a could nights but it was worth it to see his face when I showed it to him and he got to wear it.
 the next thing was that I knew that I wanted something for his face or something for his head. I searched pinterest again. (have I said how much I love pinterest?) for dragon face painting. I wanted to do this but he said he wanted the dragons fire to go down his face. so we came across this what that is what I did. of course his hair is so long it was hard to see it but you get the idea and I think he was precious.


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