Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Mother's Day

So while i wrote about Mother's Day i didn't include that in my mothers day experience. When my golden boy came home from school the Friday before he had a big smile on his face and said "I have a surprise for you mommy."

I closed my eyes and waited for what it was that he had for me (completely forgetting that mother's day was coming up and that it
may be something mother's day-ish.)
The hot plate and card were just wonderful and made my day.

during our camping trip i came across several heart shaped rocks. i thought it was cool when i found the first one. then i found another one and it became my mission to find more. the kids knew that i was searching and they would find some sometimes too. here is my collection of smallish heart shaped rocks.

on mother's day morning after waking up late (my husband got up with my daughter after his attempt at convincing her to snuggle with him in the tent didn't work and they watched the river for a while and then headed to the store and got me a cup of coffee.) when i woke up they were gone so i got some time sitting by the river.
  later on in the day as we were packing up they kids were playing at the river and i heard golden boy call out, "momma! momma! look what i found for you." he was hauling this big heart shaped rock up the hill and to our camp site. it was so sweet. i just love my babies and how sweet they were to me on mother's day.

my heart was happy and full. blessed with this awesome family that God has given me. as a little girl all i wanted to be was a mommy. i played babies and house probably a lot longer then most other girls did. (but maybe not, i don't know) i wanted six kids then. baby dolls don't make as much noise as real babies do.  :)  now i have two kiddo's and i have so many feeling on being a mother and having children and thoughts about their future but have a hard time verbalizing all of those feelings and wants. i came across this blog post and just love everything about it. i want to "win my children's hearts."

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  1. Oh, the little rocks were sweet, but when he hauled the big rock up, I bet your heart melted right then and there! Such a sweetie.