Thursday, May 15, 2014

Evidence that God is listening

My son is finishing up his kindergarten year in public school. Public school in general was a little scary for me but while there were somethings about it that I wasn't crazy about this year my golden boy has done great there. Anyone who knows us knows that he was fitted for hearing aids three and a half years ago. I wrote about it herehere and here.

While the disability was somewhat life changing for us it has been beneficial in some ways as well. One of the ways is that with him having as IEP (individualized learning plan) at the school we are able to get recommendations from his teacher and from his speech therapist about what teacher for the next year will be good for him. Both ladies had agreed that there were two first grade teachers that would be great for him. After meeting with his teacher she was able to get a better idea of who would be best for him. We had his IEP meeting and she was put in as his first grade teacher. I have still not met her yet though.

All this brings me around to my title of this post......evidence that God is listening.  While we were at the park the other day I met a mother of four kids who all are at the same school as my guy.  Her youngest is a girl and she is in second grade. I asked her about the first grade teachers for her kids and three of her kids have had this teacher that my golden boy will have next year. This mother had nothing but wonderful things to say about this teacher. She especially said how beneficial she was for her two boys. My heart was settled. A peace came over me. My pray has been that he has a great  first grade year, that this teacher that we have never met but was recommended to us will be wonderful. I know it is still two or so months away but i also know that it will be here before i know it.  He has been hearing my prayers. He knows the desires of my heart. He loves me with an everlasting love. He loves my golden boy too and wants the best for him.  Feeling blessed.


  1. Yay!! That's awesome. What an answer to prayer. When your kids are settled and happy, you feel settled and happy, too! I think that's how God made us moms to be! May God bless his 1st grade year.

  2. Wonderful! I hope his school year will be blessed in many ways!