Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Old Homes

one thing that comes with owning an old home is small closets. every spring we pack up the fall/winter clothes and pull out the spring/summer clothing. same thing come fall. all our spring/summer clothing gets packed up.

this happened last night. the hubby went through his clothes and made a donation pile and we packed things up. usually I don't looks forward to this event, wishing for bigger closets to hold it all. and my initial thought when we started was that I didn't want to do this. however when we got started it wasn't so bad.

It made me realize our blessing in clothing. I reminisced about certain things that we wore, when. the blue polo that he wore when we took family photos when golden boy was one.  the pink polo he purchased to wear on the way our little girl was born. the shirt he purchased when he attended the funeral of one of our favorite professors.

so many memories held in my hands last night in clothing. pictures usually get me all sentimental. I didn't expect it to happen with a couple of shirts.

unexpected blessing. my heart is happy in the remembering.

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