Saturday, November 08, 2014

Thanksgiving/Christmas Sign

I pinned this tutorial a while ago and knew that I would use it someday.
I started with the Christmas side first "BELIEVE"
we had a good bit of wood left over from our porch covering that we had put on last year so I grabbed a piece.
I jumped the gun on it all though. I printed the letters in a font that I liked and cut them out and stated the process of transferring the letters to the wood, tutorial that I followed HERE
it was then that I realized that I pinned a tutorial on how to make wood look old and antique and realized that I wanted it to look like that.
see the top of the sign? i had completely finished the "BELIEVE" side and located this tutorial  that i pinned that uses steel wool and apple cider vinegar to make the wood look old.

after i painted the concoction on i went over the letters again with my sharpie paint pen and then started on the "THANKFUL" side. i didn't make that mistake again. i went ahead and painted the concoction on and then i transferred the letters onto the board. (i just used a regular pencil to do the transfer, i found that if i pushed hard enough on the paper then it would leave an indention in the wood and then i could trace the letters on the wood with the pencil and then trace them with the sharpie paint pen.)

here is the thankful side. once i was done with the letters i used some miniwax finishing polish so seal it. i'm not sure i would do that again. i didn't like the way the wax stuck in some of the grooves of the wood.
overall i am pretty happy with the look. i will have to post a picture of the "THANKFUL" side on the porch sometime

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