Tuesday, December 09, 2014


in Sunday school this last weekend we were all asked to share when was a time that we felt close to God? my brain immediately went to one thing and I stuck with it.

let me just say my introverted self hates questions like this. really, just group questions in general. I don't like speaking I groups (even our Sunday school class who I know practically everyone and is not overly large) that is my issues though.

I want to be able to think about it longer. I definitely had a good bit of time to think about my answer but my brain said its answer and instead of wording it well I soaked in everything else that everyone was saying, their answers, and I loved it all.

my answer went something like this. "missions trips. I went on a few when I was younger and one with this guy(as I pointed to my hubby.)"

I probably sounded like a dork. it is true......the times I've felt closest to God was on missions trips. meeting the people wherever we are, going to new places, building things needed to help others, VBS camps, medical/dental work, sharing God's word with others. most of the time stretching for me but always good and wonderful and life filling.

that was the big times for me. but as I listened to others speak I realized that I can daily experience His presence and usually do. in nature. the sun rise in the morning, the sunset at night, stars bright and shiny, puffy clouds, ocean waves (well that isn't a daily experience but that sure would be awesome.) mountains, wind. huge trees.

then there is my children's face, my husbands love. and the beauty I find around me. a picture, photograph, painting, song, words read, time spent, arms wrapped up and held.

I love that I can daily experience Him in what sometimes is called the little or small things but they are not. they are the big things in life and they are the important and they are some of the best experiences and ways to draw and be close to my Savior.

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