Sunday, April 19, 2015

Adventure 16

Daddy Daughter Date
first let me say that a follow up from last weeks adventures, Golden Boy hit a home run at Tuesday night's game. it was pretty exciting for him. we haven't played a game since because of the amount of rain that we have had. he has three scheduled for this week but it looks like rain again all week.
on to this weeks adventure, well actually one more side note. I have had another adventure that I thought I would be posting last week and then this week but this adventure has trumped it and of course last weeks trumped it as well. check back......maybe it will be adventure 17. (only the week will tell) 
Our church did a Daddy Daughter Date night this weekend.  Little Girl wasn't sure she wanted to go. She likes more details about what is going to happen and this was the first one that my hubby had ever been too so we really weren't sure. We went shopping for some school supplies to donate to some missionaries that our church support and then we showed her the dress that we had for her to wear. I asked her if she would like her hair braided to wear with her head band. she was excited for the get ready process. my hubby wore the pink shirt that he bought to wear the day that Little girl was born. then we went outside and got some pictures of them together.

I included this one because it is just so Little Girl. her many faces. I think she happened to be looking at her big brother who was no doubt doing something to try and make her laugh.

just precious
 these next three are my favorites. I have been the recipient of some of Little girls intense hugs. she loves fiercely and can really show it in the way that she hugs someone. 

and of course nothing shows her personality like a silly picture. sometimes she smiles so sweetly but she loves to be silly for pictures too. it is great.
Golden boy wanted to go along too but I told him that I had to run to a store and then I would take him for fro-yo. he was great in the store and I was able to get his some long sleeve shirts for the fall and Little girl some leggings for the fall. we went for fro-yo next. he chose chocolate and orange cream with chocolate chips, gummy bears, grapes and chocolate syrup.
I got pineapple(amazing and I should have gotten a cup of all pineapple, pomegranate and orange cream, with gummy bears of course. (strange, maybe, but I love gummy bears in my fro-yo.)

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