Saturday, April 11, 2015

Adventure 15

Adventures in Baseball games
not just any baseball game but Golden Boy's first Baseball game of the season.
Well actually his team, the California Angels, has played two games already but Golden boy had to sit out those two games. Remember adventure #7
well doctor said that we had to wait for 6 full weeks in the boot and then two out of the boot but no running or jumping.
little league baseball was never something I saw in my child's life. but after last year I have grown to love watching him play baseball.
the chain link fences
your kid playing ball
him up to bat
connecting with the ball
the cute little sisters and cousins who come to cheer their brothers on (girls can play in the league, btw just not sure there area all the many but I have seen a few)
snacks of course, and watching your son receive the team ball because it was the first game that he has actually gotten to play, even though we were at the other two cheering for the team. oh and did I mention that he got someone out when he was playing second.  ;)
and of course team camaraderie 
excited for this year.

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