Monday, July 13, 2015

Adventure 28

there has been a plethora of adventures for our family recently
 Annual Lake trip with our friends
Trip to Honey and Bear's Lake house for the fourth
eating at lambert's restaurant
trip to the beach

family pictures (this one is an adventure all by peeks yet)
but the one that I am wanting to post about isn't an adventure that was planned.
I pretty much remember it as we were leaving the beach, the hubby saying, "hey, let's stop at the little diner that your grandparents like to stop at in Foley."
I said ok and that was that.
I had no clue what the diner was even called, but the hubby......he did.
 I can't believe that my grandparents use to come here and still do whenever they make it to the beach.

 the camera was a must here. I got a picture of the kiddo's out front and some cute ones inside too.

those doors.......swoon
this one even more so. how cool that there is still a working pharmacy inside. (the kids thought it was a jail door.)
ice box still working.....filled with bottled soda.....wishing I had opened it and taken a picture

seriously my favorite it
chocolate "malt"

we also got a root beer float. which the kids thought sounded gross (now I know that they have had  root beer float before so i am not sure why)

I love how cool and old fashion the inside of the shop is
I love that there are teenagers working there (or at least I think they were teenagers, I am a terrible judge of age, they may have been in college, either way, cool)
I love that the window sign in the corner that said *no wifi*talk to one another*pretend like it is 1927
I love how simple and fun it was
I love that my kids enjoyed it
most of all I love that my grandparents went there when they were younger and it is still around and running and a place that I can take my family

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