Wednesday, July 29, 2015

One more week

is it possible?
can it be that in only one week you will be starting kindergarten?
how did we get here?
i remember in hospital when i first saw your face.
when the wheeled me by the nursery and i watched them bathe you.
when they swaddled you up and you looked over at me in this picture.
i remember when they first placed you in my arms.
it was longer than i was expecting.
seemed like hours since you had been born but you were finally placed in my arms and you fit perfectly (and you still do).
it doesn't matter how big you get you always seem to fit right in my arms.
i can't believe that i get to be your mom.
i can't believe that in a week you will be going to kindergarten. (have i said that?)

thank you Pixel Me Photography for these great back to school pictures of my girl. 
i cherish them so much.

so much personality and sass in this one tiny body. life is never predictable with this one. it drives me crazy but i also love it too.

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