Monday, July 27, 2015

Adventure 30

in summer camps
it was a very last minute decision for us to send Golden Boy to Winshape camp. (last minute like the camp started on Monday and we signed him up on Sunday morning.
we weren't 100% sure of what to expect but we had heard nothing but good things about the camp. Golden boy got to choose 6 skills to participate in and to rank them in order of 1-6 (one being the one he most wanted to do) the camp picks three skills for them to participate in all week. Golden boy got 
Archery (which he got better and better at as the week went on), Flag football (which was his favorite) and Basketball.

here we are headed to our first day or camp.
when we picked him up in the afternoon he was spent and exhausted but had a great time

the theme of the week was HOPE more that meets the eye 2 Corinthians 4:18

when i went to get him the second day it had rained and his flag football team was inside and Coach David was telling a very animated story and the boys were all just taken with him.
on this day Golden boy was really wanting a sleeve in the camp store. when i picked him up he said he would pay half of it and i told him we would pay the other half. (really he would have bought everything in the camp store in his team color, blue/ocean.)

on day four one of the children's ministry leaders gave Golden Boy is buff what he wore with his camp shirt the last day.
it was such a wonderful week for him. he is already planning what he wants to do next year and he is insistent that we decorate our car for the contest on the last day next year.

Hope sees God's Promises, even in our troubles.
Hope sees that God helps.
Hope sees that God saves.
Hope sees that God makes.

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