Saturday, August 01, 2015

Adventure 31

adventures in nature
we have a beautiful botanical gardens in our area and I try and take the kids every summer because they get free passes through the bank
this year the goal was to go to see the Lego exhibit that came in the spring.
I kept pushing it back until we got to the point that it was the last day of the exhibit and we still had not been. (procrastinators for sure, we usually aren't like that)
our sweet neighbor gave my hubby and I free passes as well so it was a completely free outing for us
I was amazed buy the Lego creations that were there.

one of our favorite places in the garden is the hammock section. little girl curled up with me in a hammock. it was so nice and relaxing

since "What does the Fox say?" song came out, foxes as been a pretty fun animal in our family. love this fox and bunny
my pretty little girl
notice the sticker on her nose.
we had just been visiting with friends and one of the ladies has a nose ring. little girl has wanted to get her ears pierced for a while. we just need to take her and do it. she puts stickers on her ears like crazy. after visiting with our friends she noticed her nose ring. so little girl decided to sick one of her stickers on her nose. it is cute but I told her that she would not be getting nose ring. she just cracks me up.

"in open fields of wild flowers!"
while we were there we got trapped under a  gazebo for about 15 min in a rain storm. it was  really nice break to just sit and relax and of course it cooled everything off.

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