Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sew Darling

sometime last year I met (well not officially met but social media met) Ashley Whetman on instagram
she makes the precious cloth dolls and I just knew that at some point I would be purchasing one.
this little darling was the first one that I ordered.
she was a gift.
I told Ashley that I wanted something pink and the braid and the hair and eye color. this is the picture that she sent me when she was all done. I thought she was perfect. it was difficult to part with her but I did.
I have a sweet friend that is pregnant with her child. she has two girls and baby #3 is a girl as well. I knew that I wanted to get her one of Ashley's dolls. this time I looked in her shop and she had these precious Darling little. they are the perfect first doll for a new baby girl. I purchased her pink one because my friend is crazy about pink. also her girls have light hair and blue eyes, here's to hoping that baby #3 does as well. I just love the darling little Ashley. oh! and there are small jingle bells inside for a sweet jingle sound. 

tiny feet
ribbons for baby to feel
thank you so much Ashley for your beautiful dolls. Check out Ashley's Etsy shop here
she is so very talented and makes such cute dolls
my sister was just telling me that she thought that she was going to have to buy her youngest son a doll for him to push around in the grocery cart and because he loves babies so much
I think that I may have to get Ashley to make one like this for my nephew for Christmas

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