Thursday, October 01, 2015


When he first got his hearing aids we were still in shock from the news. we have taken everything in stride, therapies, new molds, new hearing aids
nothing though, prepared me for preparing him, for how to handle the questions about them.
I have to admit that I wasn't all that aware of children needing and wearing hearing aids until we were faced with the fact that Golden boy would indeed, need to wear hearing aids.
I mean hearing aids are for older people right? that was my thoughts on it all.
my how I was so wrong. and how vastly different hearing aids are from my stereotypical mindset of how they should be.
they are way better than I imagined but again being prepared for the questions.
let me state that I don't mind people asking but I have to also be honest at saying that I am mostly introverted and being asked what he has in his ears or what they are for and all, makes me uncomfortable, but I always try to answer and not be so shy about it.
I am not ashamed or anything about them but I sometimes get blank minded when asked questions about them.
since he first got them, over 5 years ago, I see children and adults with hearing aids or cochlear implants all the time.
  the first couple of times he was asked he never responded. I realized that we needed to talk to him about what to say because maybe, just maybe he was coming up blank like I was.
if I was around I would usually answer for him. but them I realized that he was going to eventually get asked when I wasn't around and he  needed to know how to respond.
we told him to tell people that ask him about them that, "they are his hearing aids and that they help him to hear."
sometimes I would even go so far as teaching him to say something like, "do your either of your parents wear glasses? that helps them see just like these help me hear."
or if the kid themselves wears glasses, "they are my hearing aids and they help me to hear just like you glasses help you to see."
most kids are just curious and completely innocent about it all.  I love that kids are not afraid to ask the questions that they are curious about. (even thought sometimes if makes me go blank.)
my hubby captured this picture of him telling some boys at the hospital fun run about them right before the race.
I am so glad that he snapped this picture too. 
his hearing aids are going to be part of his life (even though it hunts me when he asks questions like, "am I going to have to wear these forever.")
he is growing up. he is able to answer some tough questions. he is a fun and happy and the friendliest kid I know. he loves big and i love him more then he could ever possible know.


  1. You guys are awesome, and you are raising some awesome kids. What a great idea to compare it to wearing glasses!

    1. Thank you for your kind words.