Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Adventure 39

adventures in fun runs
the kids recently ran in a fun run for our local hospital to raise money for the pediatric cancer center (it pains me to write those word, children and cancer should not mix)
this was little girls first year to run the one mile race. we ran into some friends while we were there.

 she wanted me to run the race with her so we were getting our running faces on, as always hers is way cuter (I am SO ok with that) I mean seriously, look at that girl. she is precious.

she ended up starting the race all the way up front with the rest of the girls. I was eventually able to find her and we ran some and walked some together. she was ready to give up but I kept encouraging her to finish. we ended up running a bit of the race with her cousin who was upset just like little girl was and little girl was very sweet to encourage her younger cousin to finish the race. they even help hands some. it was very sweet. she finished with her younger cousin a bit after 12 minuets

this was golden boys second year to run the race. I wish I could remember his time last year. here he is lined up and ready to go (the white boy in the tank top, that's him)

passing his cheering crowd
coming in the home stretch. I don't know if he ever walked but he make his mile in right at 8 minuets. it was so impressed and so happy for him
both of them did so well
I am one proud mamma

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