Thursday, September 17, 2015

Yesterday Day 2

I woke up this morning to get these pictures before I went off for the day. he finished up the whole back of the house and started to wrap around to the other side.
the side with the ugly paint peeling and handing off of the house.
when I walked across the back patio I came across this little piece of siding.
I am still loving the color
he is the other side of the house, where the ugly paint it. you can see down the side that he got about half way up this side, just not to the ugly part.
i thought when I got home today he would be there working but I looks like he didn't come back today to work more. maybe we will see him tomorrow to do some more. my guess is that he won't be completely finished until Monday. I am fine with that though. i am enjoying the process and see the house get a face lift.
yay for old houses with small changes to make it better and better.

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