Monday, September 21, 2015

Adventure 38

Adventures in camping.
Oh how i love camping.
tent or cabin i love it all. 
i am hoping to love camper/rv camping one day but for now we have yet to find want we want in a camper for the price
my father in law bought us this percolator for coffee when camping.
this was the second time we have used it and still haven't gotten the hang of it but it gives us coffee regardless. 

the kids love camping too.
this time we were in a cabin (with no bathroom) here they are coming out Saturday morning. i wish we had moved the boxes that have all of our stuff but the picture is really cute of them.

(there were eggs too, and cinnamon rolls) it was a great breakfast

there is a swimming pool at the campground and the kids always want to go swimming. we brought all the stuff but they didn't last long. as sunny as it was it was chilly.

the hubby went to the sweet shop and found this: not a candy apple (my fave), not a caramel apple but a fudge covered apple. (yum)

at one point we headed to the river for some exploring, relaxing, climbing and rock throwing.
Golden boy remembered catching fish last time and tried again, but with no net it was difficult. he gets a gold star for trying, an A+ for effort. he is such a hard worker

he took a break from fishing to climb with daddy

she wanted too as well. (here she is trying to cross)

so i have this compilation of photos of her and my hubby. they are great. i will save them for another post but here is one of them 

we found a rock that marked on other rocks.
she was writing her name of course

back to fishing, papa went to get some bread to help

we were looking for pretty rocks

Granny, can you see me?

this little area is usually filled with water flowing into the river. it was all dried up but still beautiful. in may when we go back it will for sure be full

the campground that we go to has bingo that is always fun

i love our life's adventures with these people

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