Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Before Siding

I was going to save this for our adventure this week but I would rather post it in stages as we go.
so back at adventure 25 I post about getting siding on our house and having to pick out colors that we wanted for the siding.
it was a difficult process that pushed back our time of actually getting to get the siding done
yesterday they said that they were going to come out on Wednesday to get started but when I got home from work today there was a guy that was packing up and finishing for the day. he got a good bit done too. this is a before shot of part of the house
here is another before picture of the side of the house. it is do horrible. this is why we are getting some nice pretty siding put up. (at least the sky is pretty and our brick is clean)
here are the colors that we picked out. Sandy tan is what the siding is going to be and the metal stick is what the pole on our front porch is going to be, it is called Wicker.

I will get some pictures tomorrow morning of what he has done do far and the pole on the front porch so that we can see a before and after of that.

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