Monday, March 06, 2017

Day 63

 so this top picture is from my past post
what our kitchen looked like before the electricians came in and did their work

they had to rip out some of the sheet rock to run the new wires and add the new boxes.
code is an outlet ever two feet so we are going from our one plug on the back splash, to like four.
i am pretty excited about that.

they also removed the three random lights that we had in our kitchen and places 6 recessed lights.
i attempted to circle them in the next picture because right now the ceiling isn't patched so it looks like there is just a bunch of holes in our ceiling.


  1. You will love the recessed lighting. We put 5 cans in our living room when we moved into our place and it made such a difference!

    1. i really do love them. they are amazing. i can't believe we didnt do it sooner