Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Day 67 and 68

well this photo below isn't from day 67 or 68 but from last week when they laid the floors in Little girls room. they brought the unfinished flooring out into the hallway because then the existing floor was being removed it got lifted up into the hallway too.

yesterday the gentlemen who were going to sand and stain the floor came in.
i have felt bad all weekend so i came home from work early and it happened to work out perfectly. they were just heading out to get lunch and were able to find out what shade i liked for the floor.
he mentioned that he thought the natural was the best choice but with the ambering of the existing floor he wanted to see if the golden oak would look ok.
in the picture below you can see the existing floor on the left, then the top color is the golden oak and the bottom is the natural and then the unfinished floor on the right.

i agreed with him that the natural looked the best.
when they got back from lunch they finished up and put the first coat on the floor.
here is what it looks like in Little girls room

this picture is my day 68 picture. i snapped it this morning when it was probably pretty dry and waiting for its next coat when they came back later today.
i love how well they blended the new stain with the existing stained floor. hopefully after the next coat it will be even more blended in. 

today a plumber was also coming in to change a cast iron pipe that is in the kitchen. i am kicking myself that i didn't get a picture of that before. i do have a small edge of it in another picture so i will post that later when i get more pictures of the hallway and Little girls room.

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