Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Day 80

we arrived home on Sunday afternoon in just enough time to unpack and head to church for small group.
i was excited to get a look at the kitchen.

i snapped a few picture of the walls because they painted them on Friday
I'm not sure if they are done with the paint or even the ceiling really but i am liking the way it has turned out. we know that we are going to have to repaint that red door because it doesn't really work with the wall color.
at least we don't think so.

The wall color is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore
and i think that we may go with this color, Raccoon Hollow for the door.
not 100% sure yet but i think it will help the look of the color on the door side of the room.

but up against the cabinets.......i love it
i can't wait to see the it all with the appliances in.
it has been a roller coaster ride but it is all coming together and it exciting.......and a bit nerve wracking as we wonder if we made the right choices.


  1. It's looking great!! It's going to be beautiful all put together. The flooring will make a huge difference, I bet. We have Revere Pewter in several rooms and have been happy with it. It does need something against it to give it contrast. That door will look nice, plus getting decor up on the walls and all of your things back in place. Can't wait to see the finished product!!

    1. I remember you saying you had the revere pewter in a few rooms in your house. we went to linds to see the few places that she had it in her house. I really like it but I think that it has taken sometime for it to grow on Michael. the floors have helped and I agree with you. I think once we put our stuff back in there we will like it better. now to decide that stuff we are going to put back in the kitchen. oh the decisions. :)