Thursday, August 03, 2017


my mom took this picture of Golden Boy the week the she and my dad kept him.
as a baby and into a toddler he was such an active busy guy. aside from the fact that he looked just like my hubby, he seemed to have his personality as well. 
the past few years we have been reconsidering our thoughts on who he is more like. 
a quietness has seemed to embrace him. he seems to think more and enjoy more quiet times.
not that he still isn't a bundle of loud boy but i love these slow quite times with him.

i started to think about it when he crawled into the wagon in our back yard and just sat there.
i glanced out and saw him. i wondered what he was thinking about? what thoughts he was processing? where his brain was?
he glanced over at me though the widow and smiled, i smiled back and waved.

i wish i would have grabbed my camera to get a picture of him but it was so brief, just a quick moment and i am go glad that i at least to to glimpse it.

then there is this tiny one.
she is activity, creativity, busy, thoughtful, smart, daring and at time i see that contemplatives coming out in her too.

she was moving a lot here. the first three pictures that i took of her were blurry but then she stopped, she paused, she thought and i snapped it.
it was perfect.

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