Monday, July 24, 2017

Fishing.......enjoying slow

This boy is pure awesome-ness.
Last summer he missed his week with Honey and Bear and i think we were all sad about it.
This year we were certain to make a point of having him have a week at the Lake House.
It is one of his favorite places.
I love that he is getting this one on one time with my parents and that he has such a love for fishing.

when we left the lake yesterday he was out there fishing. we didn't think we would be able to get him in the house to say bye to him. we went out to hug and say bye to him and then let him go back to fishing.
my mom texted me last night and said that he didn't even want to come in for dinner, he wanted to eat on the dock and keep fishing.

this morning i got these pictures from her and she said here he goes.......

and he's off.......

i told her that i really think that he needed this.
he needed the down time to be able to relax and think and be still and quiet and just to enjoy the slowness of life. i am thankful for my parents and the time that they are getting spend with him. i know they will all be blessed by their time together and i am praying that Golden boy get the much needed rest for his body and soul before the craziness of school and schedules start.

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