Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Day 15....of our BIG trip (the long drive home)

so far the longest we had ever driven in a day was a little over 6 hours. 
this day it was FOR-E.V.E.R
oh my goodness. there was one point that my hubby looked over at me and said.....we would just about be in Disney World now, as long as we have driven.

we were all tired and ready to be home and after thinking through all the options, it was just better to drive the whole day and get home instead of stopping half way.

we did make a lot of stops but it was quick ones, reminded the kids that if we kept pushing on we would get home tonight and be able to sleep in our own beds and wake up in our house and play with our toys.

it kept them going but we were all spent by the time we walked through the doors. tears and exhaustion and we crashed hard.

i posted this  the night we got home.
there was a moment, driving through our state that was just dreamy.
the light 
the colors
the mist
it was dreamy and perfect
a little welcome home after so many days of being gone.

here it is all packed up
loads and loads of dirty laundry even thought i did laundry one day on the trip.

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