Saturday, July 15, 2017

Day 11.....of our BIG trip (after lunch)

The second part of our Williamsburg trip.

A quaint little street

Tools in the book makers shop

Letter press board at the printing press

Book in the post office gift shop.
Um, yes please. Blind date with a book. Sounds interesting.

We found our way into the cooks place and he mentioned that anyone who was 21 or under at the time would be working for him. He sent all who were 21 and under around back to the wood pile to grab three pieces of wood each.

The blacksmith

At the Capitol

The Wythe House probably one of our favorites (aside from the capitol)

And carpenter was the kids favorite and probably mine too. It smelled so good in there.

And inside the house there was an area to create your own garden. Little Girl got busy creating.

Once we left Williamsburg we took the kids swimming and then headed to Busch gardens for dinner and the evening. 

This was in one of the bathrooms. She said, mommy I need to show you how to use these sinks. The water came out of the tube coming at you and the you run your hands under the side bars to dry them.

The boys riding the locheness monster ride 

Steps 21,502

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