Thursday, July 06, 2017

Day 5....of our BIG trip

 When we left Boone North Carolina we took the kids to Mast general store. It has been there for years. In fact my hubbys Nana went there as a kid.

I got a zotz. I had no idea what they were or how great they were. I would have gotten more but we were already long gone when I had tasted the one I got.

One of the things The kids got was a whistle sucker. Fun idea at the time, since we had them as kids, we didn't think about whistles in the car though. Thankfully they ate them pretty quickly. 

At Mabry Mill we at lunch and found our first place to smash a penny. 

We were going to stay the night in Roanoke but we were making good time so we made an reservation at the Peaks of Otter lodge and stayed there for The night. We got in late so missed the last shuttle up to the top and if it had been earlier we would have hiked it. Instead we did falling cascades water walls. All of the pictures i am posting are from my phone. I didn't take it on the hike so no pictures of the falls.

The morning on the lake.

Steps 12,677

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