Sunday, July 02, 2017

Day 2 of our BIG trip (post 1)

We had to change the plans to do the Biltmore instead of some outdoor hikes and water stuff on Friday because of a lot of rain. It actually was perfect. I mean the Biltmore on a rainy day. It was amazing and probably much cooler and if you are ever planning a trip, don't plan on doing the Biltmore on a saturday. Thankfully we went on a Friday, seems like God was looking out for us in this. The person at the ticket counter said Saturdays are very busy.

One of the first rooms you come to is this beautiful dining room with the biggest fire place I have ever seen.
The terrace was another favorite of ours. I can't imagine how amazing it would be to live here and hang out with friends on this terrace. Oh did you know that this was just their vacation home? Yeah! Imagine, 101 bedrooms. I'd love to fill those bedrooms with family and friends for a long weekend or a whole week.

Right off of the terrace was the library. It was glorious. Did you know George Vanderbilt recorded every book he read in a journal. Um, kinda like me. Only he averaged 81 books read a year. WHAT?!?! I need to average mine but there is NO way it would be 81. 
This next little face is just insane
Read it for yourself

43 bathrooms? 
No Day!
The few we saw were pretty nice. Most houses didn't even have bathrooms then.

Any idea what this is?

The pool! What?!?! I would have loved to see this filled up.

A shot of the pantry (by Little Girl) And I have to admit i was a little giddy to see all those blue mason jars.
And lunch in the Stable house cafe.
Crazy enough it rained until we came out of lunch and then cleared up for a treck through the gardens and the conservatory. Those pictures in another post. 

steps 12,693

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