Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Day 4...of our BIG trip

We started off getting a picture in front of a Blue Ridge Parkway sign

From there we headed up, up, up, into the clouds. Golden boy said it was one of his favorite things about the Day, being in the clouds.

From there we went to Mt. Mitchell, The highest mountain in the east.

After that we went to Linville Falls. It was an intense hike down to a beautiful gorge and falls. The water felt great.

While they waded and climbed their way across to the big rock....

I sat in the shade and watched them, happy to just take pictures.

Oh look, they made it.

After we played a bit, it was time for the hike back up. This was just part of it but most of it was uphill.

She was such a trooper even though she was so tired. We sat to rest and snapped a picture. We weren't sure we wanted to go up, But we knew staying there wasn't an option.  So up we went.

We made it to the top, tired....

But happy to be there.  Just a little closer to the end.

This guy on the other hand, wanted to be at the lead and ran a TON if it. 

My view for most of the hike, unless she was by my side. There was lots of encouraging and motivation to keep her going. I knew if she sat for too long, Or if I sat for too long, we wouldn't want to finish.

Steps 12,363

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