Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 8....of our BIG trip

Lasts nights rain wasn't the end of our Washington rain.
 We woke up to it. We wanted to see the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and heard you needed tickets  (free tickets but tickets all the same)
We had the taxi drop us off there for tickets. For some reason he dropped us off at the entrance and the ticket booth was on the other side of the building. We grumbelly (just being honest, and I have no clue if I spelled that right) walked around to get tickets. Then me and the kids waited under a tree while my hubby took my rain coat to get a taxi. We did get tickets to the bep for 530.
From there we got another cab to the Smithsonian. The plan was to go to two......we only made it to one. The museum of Natural History.
There was another long line to wait the rain. We were not going to let the rain win though.
We made it into the museum.

It was beautiful and the kids really seemed to enjoy it.

She loves Koalas
I think a trip to Australia maybe in order.

We ended up watching two of the four Imax films the Museum offered (we had already seen one of them)
The one on the National Parks one was the best. It at least held the kids attention WAY better. 

Once we were done at the Museum we got a taxi to the Shake shack for dinner. We were tired and hungry. The shakes were delicious, the burgers ok but we were glad to have food in our bellies.

From there we had a short walk to Ford's Theater (I'd love to see a play there, I had no clue you still could.) Oh and while at lunch the rain stopped and the sun started to shine.

Another walk to the bep.

These pictures are in the entrance before the tour.
Photo and video are not allowed on the tour. It was so fun to see how the money is made and the process it goes through. Golden boy just wanted some and had hard time enjoying it. We kept trying to explain to him that the people working there don't get to keep the money but sometimes you just can't get though. 
The workers were fun to watch though. Holding up sheets of money for us to see and stacks with the amount the stack was.

These photos were in the gift shop after the tour.

And this was on the way to the Lincoln Memorial. He got a new wallet that looks like 100 dollar bill.

Oh my goodness this was a long walk but we made it.

Steps 18,314

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