Saturday, July 08, 2017

Day 7.....of our BIG trip

Day 7 started off with us heading straight to the Capitol.

As we got closer to the Capitol we could see the monument really well too. It was a great day. Not too hot, somewhat overcast and breezy.

Apparently the side of the Capitol we walked up too is not the side you enter. We got this picture of the fountain on the back side of the Capitol and then walked around.

Walking around the Capitol gave us a great view of it.

We then made it to the front of the Capitol. From there you go down some stairs to where to enter for the tour.

When we got there security was saying no liquid of any kind or food or aerosol spray. I didn't have an aerosol spray can but we had loaded the bags down with water (4 full water bottles) and a gallon Ziploc bag of snacks. We had just eaten breakfast so no one was really hungry. The security officer told us that food was allowed in the Library of Congress and that was on our list to do so we headed there. 

It was seriously beautiful.  On of me and my hubbys favorite places.

President Jefferson couldn't have said it better. 👇👇

After the Library of Congress we headed to Madison building  (an extension of the Library of Congress) and ate.

This poster was framed in the cafe. I couldn't agree more.  I take a book with me most places.  There is a shirt I want that says, "if I can't take my book i don't want to go."

We finally made it into the Capitol building and I apparently didn't get any pictures on my phone but this one. Golden boy carried my dslr around and got some pictpictures.

My hubby did a quick walk through the supreme court building and then we headed back to the hotel for the kids to swim.

After some swimming we caught a cab for dinner. The kids were thrilled with their first cab ride and we were just thankful for a break in the walking 

We ate at a pizza place called we the pizza and loved it. The pizza was HUGE (by the slice) and delicious.

Pizza pan decor on the way upstairs for seating.

And this artwork was in the ladies bathroom.  Um, yes! Yes it does!

We took another cab to the white house 

And then walked to the Washington monument. The plan was to view the monument and then to head to the Lincoln memorial but the rain had other thoughts. Right when we made it to the monument it started to rain. And rain and rain and rain.

We took cover with a bunch of other people on this stage. The kids played some games on the phones but it didn't look like it was passing any time soon. After about 15 or 20 min we decided to make a run for it to the road and catch a cab. 

We made it. Wet but happy to have a ride home.

Steps 12,920
(and this isn't 100% accurate, when we went back to the hotel for swimming i forgot to put my fit bit back on)

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