Thursday, December 08, 2005

Spit on a Stranger/Three (or four) Things Thursday

sorry for the lack of blogging. my days are filled with work and numerous evening things on the week nights and weekends. in fact just this week, tuesday to be exact, my husband and i went, with some friends, to the roseland theater in portland to see the blue grass band
  • nickel creek
  • they were amazing. if you've never heard of them or seen them then you should check them out. it was so much fun to see them live. you could tell that they really enjoyed playing and that makes it fun. the first part of my blog title is one of nickel creeks song titles. well here are my three things thursday posts.

    1. when i was growing up at christmas time my sister and i would sit on the back porch swing and we would put alabama's christmas record (the country group) on and see how high we could get the swing and belt out the christmas tunes. we did it so much that we memorized all the songs on the record and would know what song came on next.

    2. my mom is a very organized person, which i appreciate about her, so on christmas morning when les and i would wake up and go to the living room our presents would be there mine wrapped in one color wrapping and hers in another, and in the same places every year and they would be numbered. so that when we opened them we would both open number one togethter and so forth and so on. this ritual or tradition was a little strange to my husband when he joined the family but once getting to know my mom more and her organization then he understands why.

    3. growing up before les and i knew that santa was't real, on christmas eve before we went to bed we would take one of the dining chairs and lay it sideways in front of the hallway door/walkway. weird i know but here is our silly explanation. we were extremely excited to have santa in our house and to put cookies and milk and carrots(for the reindeer) out but we had this thing about not wanting santa to come down the hallway and look at us in the room while we were sleeping. i'm not to sure why we thought that a simple dining chair would keep him out but we did and so we did that for a couple of years and then it just became a funny thing and sometimes we would do it just to get a laugh out of our parents.

    4. my sister and i would sleep in her room every year on christmas eve. sometimes i would sleep on the floor and sometimes in her bed with her (most of the time in the bed) and even when we got to old to be sleeping in he same bed it didn't matter we made it work because we had done it that way for so long.


    1. Fun things! One year, my dad got on the roof with bells and made a big ruckus, and my mom yelled, "He's here! He's here! Get in bed!" We totally believed after that.

    2. I love the Christmas present idea....I'm gonna start doing that for my girls I thinK! Speaking of which, one is just waking up!

      Great TTT!

    3. I love Christmas traditions! Great stories...especially the chair in the door one.

    4. funny thing with the presents is that michael's mom did the same thing with their presents too. jason's were wrapped in green and michael's in blue.