Thursday, December 01, 2005

Three Things Thursday

1. the first time i flew on an airplane i was in 9th grade and our youth group was going to chicago for a missions trip. we flew southwest and a good friend of mine was very scared so i tried to be brave but once we started to take off i got a little scared too.

2. the longest flight that i ever took was from new orleans to costa rica. we flew from nola to cancun from cancun to honduras and honduras to costa rica. there was one time in the flight that we were flying through a mountain pass in houduras (maybe san pedro sula) and the plane was doing it's best to menuver through it and i slept through the whole thing. my parents, who i was sitting next to, were shocked and told me about it later. so i was determined to be awake for the adventure on the flight home but once again i slept through the whole thing.

3. my most recent flight was to oahu hawaii during thanksgiving break. my husband and i had a great time there. the flight was fine too.

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